The Importance Of Regular Car Maintenance

The Importance Of Regular Car Maintenance

In today’s society, cars have important functions in the transportation system and the importance of regular car maintenance cannot be stressed highly enough.  For example a recent study done by showed that most of the car owners try to prolong the service time of their cars. Thus, the car maintenance becomes very necessary. There is no doubt that the proper maintenance can bring about many benefits. It is critical to help avoid breakdowns or future problems, and will certainly allow you to drive your cars for a longer time. However, the improper maintenance may lead to many other problems.
In order to maintain your car properly, you should take many aspects into consideration. A vehicle’s fluids such as motor oil, anti freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, rear end oil and of course fuel is the important element for you to consider. They should always be maintained to the proper levels because they are just like the lifeblood for vehicles. For instance, transmission fluid allows your car to be able to move forward and backward smoothly. In addition, the power steering fluid allows you to turn the wheel freely. Rear end oil or fluid allows your drive axle to turn freely.
Any good car owner knows that properly maintaining your car is one of the most vital responsibilities of ownership. As well as upholding the look and performance of your car, good maintenance can be the key to preserving its resale value or pre-empting costlier repairs or damages in the future. However, maintenance can often fall by the wayside for owners who are too busy or low on funds. Here are some tips and reminders for keeping your car in the best shape possible and saving yourself some money.

The Importance Of Regular Car Maintenance – Self-maintenance

Doing regular checks and replacements on the various parts of your car is a great way to familiarise yourself with your vehicle as well as ensuring that its in the best condition possible. Here are some things you can do on your own:

– Check your tires – this may seem like an obvious tip but when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with flat tires, it can come back to haunt you. Make sure that your tires have no leaks and that their valves are properly secured. Also make sure that your tires are well inflated and have sufficient tread. Under-inflated tires can cost you in the long run by diminishing fuel efficiency whilst eroded tires can be dangerous on slippery surfaces.

– Replace your fluids – whether you’re talking about engine coolant, brake fluid or transmission fluid, make sure to regularly replace them when they get dirty. Tainted fluid can damage components in your car, preventing them from operating properly and costing more in the future to repair.

– Change your oil – regularly changing the oil and oil filter in your engine is vital to maintaining the performance of your car. Old oil can result in engine failure while the build-up in an oil filter can wear away the gasket, resulting in a leak. While this may vary according to your driving habits, try and change your oil every 24 months to ensure that your engine runs smoothly.
Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

First check the fuel tank, invariably in old cars it is made from pressed steel and is subject to corrosion especially where straps or fixings are. Give it a good look over for any bubbles or spots that look damp/dark and check to see if the fuel gauge moves much at regular intervals when the car is parked up. Next check the pipework, again many cars had steel pipes with later replacements being copper or plastic (plastic being particularly vulnerable from hot exhaust pipes as many manufactures ran the two pipes close to each other!)

Hopefully someone will have fitted a petrol filter under the bonnet to stop any debris or rust reaching and blocking the carburettors. Looking at this will help to indicate any corrosion from the tank and pipework that maybe present, so replace it following any repairs to these to give you a clean slate. For diesels the fuel filter will not be transparent but is likely to resemble an oil filter.

Also check the fuel pump for operation (easier if it is electric) by connecting an alternative outlet hose to a petrol can, caution here as you are combining electricity and flammable vapour, and see that the pump keeps running with the ignition on.

And finally with the ignition on/or engine started and switched off check the carburettor(s) for any damp/dark patches particularly around where the fuel pipes join the carbs. Alternatively check the injector pump and interconnecting pipework to and from the injectors on the cylinder head.
A popular myth about automobiles is that ‘buying a vehicle isn’t that mind-boggling work as maintaining it is’. Many of us would definitely agree with this statement. But, it’s actually a myth because car maintenance is not a difficult job at all. The only thing that matters in keeping a car in the right condition is the consistency in maintenance. Keep this in mind and you know that your car will ensure hassle free performance all its life. When we talk about consistency, it means taking care of you car completely.

Apart from the common steps, there is a number of other maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind, so as to make sure that your car does not suffer from frequent breakdowns and stays in a good running condition for a long time to come. In fact, following them will ensure that your vehicle delivers optimum performance and does not desert you in the time of need. Talking about the maintenance tips, you need to change the car’s oil on a regular basis, to keep it running smoothly. Then, there is a need for you to wax it frequently, to ensure that your vehicle shines beautifully and remains free of corrosion.

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